6-week class with Kristin
12:00 PM12:00

6-week class with Kristin

Painting the Floral Still Life All Prima! (Wet into Wet)

Painting floral still life is a wonderful and liberating experience.  There is no better metaphor for the act of painting and exploring the palette than that provided by the diversity and splendor of the floral arrangement.  Each week a new floral arrangement will presented to paint.  

Students will paint from life while receiving one-on -one instruction.  We will work on the following areas: compositing, drawing, color, value and edges.  

Paint Like the Impressionists! 

This class we will explore how the Impressionists painted.  The impressionistic approach to painting helping you gain an understanding of color and it relationships in the painting.  Learnings the concepts of thick over thin use of paint, warm over cool colors, complementaries, harmony, edges, shape/quality, variety, simplifying and loosening brushwork.

I will set up a new still life for those who wish to work from life.  Others may brings photos, but I do suggest that the student works from life as much as possible.

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