Wow! My new easel! / by Kristin Grevich

It has taken many years since I first saw a Hughes Easel.  I watched many artists use their finger to move it up down or sideways with ease.  

In August I took another workshop with Daniel Gerhartz and watched him paint a large figure and again just move the painting to anywhere he needed to work on.  I wrote it down in my notes again to order this gem!  

I got home an called to order my Hughes easel only to find out there was a long wait list.  I ordered it in August and received it just a few weeks ago.  

It is better than I could even imagine.  My problem is that I forget to move it thinking that option doesn't exist for me!  I'm in the learning stage for now.  

This is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  Plus it just keeps on giving.  Ha Ha!




My new Huges Easel in a messy studio!

Next week is the job of cleaning and organizing the studio!